About Us

The aim of the Society is to walk in the Hertfordshire countryside, however, the organisation still needs to be managed!

The Chairman is Andrew Picken who lives in Welwyn Garden City and has walked with the group for over 10 years.

The Treasurer and Membership Secretary is Christine Goodwin, who can be contacted on 01438 716251 or 07449 097313


There is a history of walks in the area going back as far as 1898. In the 1920’s and early 1930’s there were all-night rambles in the Welwyn area. On the 29th May 1929 the walk was led by Mr W R Hughes of the Educational Association and reported in detail in the Welwyn Times.


Then in 1945, the Welwyn Times ran an article about walking in the Welwyn Garden City area and this prompted articles about the state of footpaths, particularly in the Brocket Park area. Finally, at the Estate Office in Welwyn Garden City on the 21st March 1947 came the statement – “A Society for the preservation of footpaths, commons and open spaces was formed…..it was decided to adopt the title Mid Herts Footpaths Society.

On May 9th 1947, The Welwyn Times reported that the Mid Herts Footpaths Society was to investigate the paths in Brocket Park and 6 weeks later a Hatfield Parish Councillor had been appointed on the committee.

However, no more was heard of the new society until 16th April 1951 when a meeting was held to reform the Mid Herts Footpaths Society. The main task of the society at that time was for the committee members to preserve the local footpaths. However, after numerous meetings, letters and discussions it was decided to open up the group and hold ” a short local walk during the Xmas holidays and to meet at 10 a.m. on Sunday 23rd December 1951.”

Twelve people turned up for the walk, including 5 newcomers who had seen an article in the newspaper. This walk was logged in the first of a number of walking log books which have documented every walk ever since.

To view the first three log books click below

Book One: December 23 1951 – December 28 1952

Book Two: January 1 1953 – December 28 1954

Book Three: January 6 1955 – July 5 1958

Members can view the rest of the books by going to The Archive

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